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How to Properly Care Of Velvet Sofa

Our home’s interior represents our inner identities. Few people dare to accept velvet cloth as a luxury. However, if the situation calls for it, investing in a velvet sofa will entirely transform your living space. If you’ve decided to add a piece of luxury furniture to your home, you’ll need to understand how to properly care for a velvet sofa.

To effectively care for a velvet sofa, you must first understand the material. It used to be made of tufted silk, which is an extremely expensive fabric. This is not a flat-woven cloth-like many others. It requires more resources and is braided in two thicknesses. The complicated method imparts the fabric’s signature softness, which is how the expression “soft as velvet” came to be coined.

Aside from conventional silk velvet, there are currently a number of synthetic and natural materials that can be utilized to make velvet. Some of the more cost-effective choices are as follows:

  • Cotton
  • Woll
  • Linen
  • Mohair
  • Polyster [Often a cotton plus polyster blend]
  • viscose

Pure silk velvet has been increasingly difficult to get in recent years. Even if you do come across genuine velvet, it is incredibly expensive to buy. Viscose, often known as art silk, is becoming more popular. Regardless of the type, if you do wind up acquiring a velvet sofa, you’ll need to know how to clean it effectively. So, first and foremost, look for the following labels on your velvet sofa:

• Materials it is made from;
• Care instructions;
• Cleaning instructions
Velvet created from natural fibres will be far more delicate than velvet made from synthetic fibres. You can easily steam clean synthetic velvet at home because it is more robust and less prone to wrinkles, fading, and damage than real fibre velvet. If the velvet is made from natural materials, we recommend hiring expert upholstery cleaners.

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Why Should You Invest in Velvet Sofas?

Think again if you believed velvet sofas were a thing of the past or that they would look hideous in your living room. A velvet sofa is a fascinating undertaking that may significantly improve the beauty of any home. Of course, you’ll need a keen eye to select the right colours, styles, and fabrics. Find out why this type of sofa is an excellent choice.
Choosing a new sofa can be a challenging undertaking. In addition, when working with novel materials, you must use utmost caution. When it comes to velvet sofas, there are no exceptions. Most of us remember Grandma’s old chair, which was well-worn and painfully unpleasant. It was also washed orange or yellow to give it an old look.

Modern velvet sofas, on the other hand, are quite unique. They’re eye-catching, comfy, and available in a variety of colours. The wide range of colour variations alone is a persuasive reason to pick velvet. But that’s not all. Many sofas are available in bright, medium-to-dark colours, with blue being a popular choice.

Velvet sofas are quite easy to care for. It is crucial to understand that velvet is fabric rather than fiber. Velvet is made from several different materials, including silk, mohair, wool, and polyester. This implies that not all velvet sofas are created equal, and different ways and suggestions for caring for a velvet sofa are available. Silk, wool, and mohair are the most expensive fabrics. Nonetheless, you should be able to clean your sofa with only a vacuum attachment designed for velvet upholstery.

Choose a typical navy blue to balance the variances in a room and create an easy-to-look-at décor. This traditional color is great for a blue and white nautical motif. The subtle shine of quality velvet lends it a beautiful depth.

Let us not forget that purple velvet was previously associated with aristocracy and wealth. This is still true. Why not add magnificent purple velvet sofas to your living room?
Velvet works nicely in an environment with a lot of hard materials, such as wood and leather. It will complement and beautify any “masculine” textures by softening them. Contrasting different sorts of sofa textiles is another intriguing possibility. However, you must avoid projecting an impression of complete chaos and anarchy.

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Care for a Velvet Sofa

Although velvet is considered a delicate fabric, it is surprisingly resilient when properly cared for. That is why understanding how to properly care for a velvet sofa is vital. The lovely thing about velvet is that, like fine wine, it only becomes better with age.

Velvet furniture is actually quite simple to care for. The best way to go about it is to incorporate the actions related with its maintenance into your everyday routine. We recommend including the following simple cleaning tasks on your weekly cleaning list:

1. While cleaning the floor or carpet in your living room, quickly swap to an upholstery cleaner attachment to remove any dust, crumbs, fluff, or other debris from your velvet sofa.
2. Purchase a velvet sofa brush. To begin, establish which direction the velvet fibres are woven. Brush your sofa in the same direction as you do your hair.
3. While performing one of the two tasks stated above, you may notice creases, strange lines, or even old stains that you had previously noticed. This is the ideal time to utilise your upholstery steam cleaner.
If you don’t know what kind of fibers your velvet sofa is made of, or if you know it’s made of natural materials, you should engage a professional cleaning. They will clean your sofa using a dry cleaning method that will not damage your costly furniture.
A Few Professional Recommendations
1. Select a spot in your living room where your velvet sofa will not be directly exposed to sunlight.
2. If you have children or pets, a protective cover for your velvet sofa is a wonderful option to prevent scuffing and damage.
3. Your velvet sofa may or may not come with cushions. If this happens, make it a habit to fluff them on a regular basis.
4. Always check the wash labels before using any cleaning process on your velvet couch.
5. If you discover an old stain on your sofa, use a steam cleaner or call a professional cleaner to remove it.
6. If in doubt, hire professional upholstery cleaners.

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