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Top Best Indian Web Series to Watch

Web series is everything that a TV soap isn’t: new content which is both clear and brief. Some of the Best Indian Web Series has often driven us irritated and made us feel items that go above politics, news, mafia, and society. And thereby made us question our existence.

Therefore, in a very short period, web series have formed a slot across India. Everyone is watching them. And to cater to the likes of everyone mediocrity has gradually but indeed started to exude into the live streaming scope as well.

1.       Bang BaajaBaaraat

This Indian Web Series is made by Yash Raj Films. Entertaining and laughable, it is a story of two people who are in love and like to wed each other. The issue is while that they are from very distinct family backgrounds. Therefore, the even bigger and real trouble is that they want the support of their parents for the wedding.

You can watch this exhaustively amusing and laughable web series on the Y-Films channel on YouTube and Amazon Prime.

2.       Breathe OF Indian web series

Moreover, breath is an interesting and gripping crime drama. You can watch this Web series on Amazon Prime. Danny gets to know that his son Joshua’s life hangs on an organ transplant. As he visits Joshua’s wellness declining, he decides to find him an organ donor: by hook or by crook.

The series has an extreme storyline and leaves us scuffling with the idea: how far would you go to save someone you love?

  1. Criminal Justice

However, Criminal Justice is a crime-based Indian Web Series. Aditya is a normal taxi driver in Mumbai. One day he took up a lady passenger, one thing leads to another and he ends up paying the whole night with her. When he wakes up, he sees himself in a pool of blood and the mortal body of the killed passenger.

He escapes the crime scene but is finally grasped and condemned to rape and killing. Therefore, the series analyzes an extremely underrated topic of criminal law. You can watch it on Hotstar.

  1. Indian Web series – Delhi Crime

However, Delhi Crime depends on the Nirbhaya issue of 2012. The play gets back the hard-hitting and natural remembrances of the cruel rape and killing of Nirbhaya, which, otherwise was conveniently ignored.

It follows the journey of DCP Vartika Chaturvedi as she guides the case amidst constant media interference and political force. You can watch it on Netflix.

  1. The Family Man

The Family Man is the tale of just a usual middle-aged family person. The twist in the story is that he also occurs to be a private agent of the Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell (TASC), a unit of the National Intelligence Unit of India.

Watch him step on a tightrope as he juggles between simple family life and the life of a mystery.

  1. Ghoul indian web series

In addition, Ghoul paints a conception of a dystopian future where the authoritarian government makes mayhem on the society and penalizes people who don’t oblige. Nida Rahim is a military authority loyal to the power. Therefore, she has been assigned the duty of examining a dreaded terrorist.

Something goes awry for her when he begins to act absurdly. Watch this extreme horror drama on Netflix and let us know if you consider it is one of the Best Web Series.

  1. Inside Edge

Whie inside Edge analyzes the series that goes after the making of the IPL like match-fixing, bribery, and whatnot. A fast-paced and action-packed suspense, it makes you feel like a fellow of the IPL society. It is an immersive adventure.

The series has two seasons – released in 2017 and 2019 and is available on Amazon Prime.

  1. Kota Factory

Kota factory as the name suggests is an Indian Series that asks about the education system. It carries out the sarcasm that the coaching institutes make of learners who are qualifying for medical and Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) admission examinations.

Moreover, Kota factory is accessible on The Viper Files play and TVF channel on YouTube.

  1. Made in Heaven__ indian web series

Made in Heaven is an Indian Web Series that catches the dark side of Indian culture in the context of weddings and relationships. As we see wedding planners, Tara and Karan, come across an assorted clientele. We are forced to see the clear: the duality of the “Indian Society”.

The series sincerely handles various problems of community rights from homosexuality to dowry. You must watch this surprising series on Amazon Prime.

  1. Mirzapur

However, Mirzapur is a crime thriller-filled Indian Web Series with action: gang, drugs, and underworld. Alaknanda Tripathi evolves the mafia senior and his power-hungry son would go to any heights to assure his grip on the mafia world.

All the Mobs of Wasseypur, Sacred Games, and Money Heist lovers should watch Mirzapur for sure. Therefore, you can watch this Indian Web Series on Amazon Prime.

Mirzapur has been hailed as one of the Best Indian Web Series and the good word is that the 2nd season of this Crime story is all set for release soon.

  1. Permanent Roommates

Therefore, Permanent Roommates is the story of partners who are in long-distance and are thinking of a wedding. Tanya requires time but Mikesh is insistent on them getting wedded. It is funny and sometimes adorable to watch them go through ups and downs in life.

This Indian Web Series can be available on TVF play and TVF’s channel on YouTube.

  1. Sacred Games

Sacred Games is one of the most famous and has been ranked as one of the Best Web Series. The hunt of dreaded criminal Ganesh Gaitonde by the Mumbai police finishes when police officer Sartaj Singh receives a tip to grasp him.

Therefore, a filmy thriller that pulls your concentration right from the beginning, it de-constructs the making of Ganesh Gaitonde. The series is available on Netflix.

  1. Tripling

Tripling is a funny Indian Web Series of siblings: Chandan, Chanchal, and Chitwan. They venture on this trip to find themselves and end up making us chuckle hard! You can watch this Indian Web Series on TVF Play and YouTube.

  1. Paatal Lok

Therefore, Paatal Lok is a series of disabled inspectors who have been assigned a high-profile issue. This case can give him a suspension that he so desperately wants or it can mark him a defeat for life. Watch the story of Inspector Hathhi Ram Chauhan on Amazon Prime as he wears some of the dark facts of the underworld.

  1. Panchayat

Panchayat is Indian Series that subtly handles the problem of unemployment and shortage of jobs. The web series focuses on one such jobless engineering graduate who brings up the job of panchayat secretary in a small village.

You can watch this relatable, meaningful, and funny series on Amazon Prime.

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