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In Halo Infinite weapons and multiplayer modes, you can test out a variety of weaponry. While in the story, Master Chief may use any of these weapons to fight legions of Banished, multiplayer is very another story. Power weapons may turn the tide of battle, but almost any weapon in the right hands, whether in Quickplay 4 vs 4 conflicts or Big Side Battle, can be deadly for the other team.

We tested each weapon in multiplayer to see how it performs and how it compares to others. If you want to know about all of the Halo Infinite weapons and which ones you should pick up in multiplayer, we’ve got you covered.

There are many Halo classics in Halo Infinite, such as the Battle Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and SPNKR Rocket Launcher, yet there are a few notable omissions. In the new multiplayer zones, players can equip themselves with Banished weapons such as the Skewer, Stalker Rifle, and Pulse Carbine, as well as a redesigned selection of high-tech Forerunner weapons.

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While numerous iconic Halo weapons, such as the Magnum pistol and tactical shotgun, are currently unavailable in the game, they may be included in the future. Halo Infinite equipment has been reintroduced in the Halo 3 style, and you can use it to gain an edge on the battlefield.

The best Halo Infinite weapons list may not be as long as that of other shooters, but it is undeniably more diverse. Halo has always been known for its fast and fun weapons, and Halo Infinite Multiplayer is no exception. Some of the Multiplayer weapons are a little sophisticated, and their effects vary greatly, so you may need a briefing. In that case, we’ve compiled a list of the best Halo Infinite weapons, divided into two categories:

Newcomers to the game and classic Halo Infinite Weapons new weapons

Halo infinite weapons_Cindershot

In Halo Infinite weapons, the Cindershot, a Forerunner grenade launcher, made its debut. The Cindershot fires energy grenades that bounce around before bursting massively. In Halo Infinite, players that can calculate Cindershot shots off of walls and around corners will benefit from this new weapon.

Weapons Halo Infinite_CQS48 Bulldog

Best Halo infinite weapons_The Bulldog is the replacement for the Halo shotgun. This new Halo Infinite weapon is more powerful than its predecessor at close range. The Bulldog has a tight bullet spread and fires faster than the standard Halo shotgun in the right hands, making it one of the best CQC weapons in the game.

Halo infinite weapons heatwave_MA40 Assault Rifle

Halo Infinite weapons rifle

Halo infinite best weapons_The assault weapon in Halo Infinite is the latest edition of the Combat Evolved classic that we’ve come to love. It’s a terrific weapon with a lot of memories attached to it, and in Halo Infinite, it’s no pushover. It remains one of the best UNSC weapons available, with a quickfire rate, 36 bullets in each magazine, and good handling.

Of course, the assault rifle is most effective at medium ranges, but it can also be used at shorter ranges if necessary. However, because it has considerable recoil, it should be avoided in long-range confrontations. Choose the Battle. if you want something with a larger range rifle.

Halo infinite weapons_VK78 Commando

This is a brand-new weapon in Halo Infinite that does not disappoint with its combination of an assault rifle and battle rifle-style handling. When fully automatic, it fires at a slower rate than the MA40, although it is substantially more accurate. It takes some getting used to, though, with a smaller magazine and a lot of recoils.

Because of the 3x tactical optic, the VK47 Commando is best played at the medium range. This optic also implies that the Commando may be used as a DMR in a pinch, however, it is not recommended.

Halo infinite’s weapons-Plasma Charged Pistol (Pistol)

This bad boy is another classic from Halo Infinite, although it’s been badly nerfed. It’s almost useless without the ability to EMP vehicles, as it’s a poor weapon in and of itself. Sure, you could charge up the blast and smash through enemy shields, but who has time for that?

The Plasma Pistol is most effective when used in conjunction with another weapon that can one-shot an enemy once its shields have been depleted. With a charged blast from the Plasma Pistol, you destroy the shields, then pull out something else to murder your opponent as swiftly as possible. Aside from that, in Halo Infinite, this is a somewhat useless weapon.

Halo Infinite Commando

Halo Infinite Commando

The VK47 Commando makes its debut in Halo Infinite. It’s a brand-new United Nations Security Council precision tactical rifle that sits between the Assault Rifle and the Battle Rifle. It, too, is fully automatic, but it has a 3x tactical optic, a slightly slower rate of fire, significant recoil, and a comparatively small 20-round magazine.

The Commando is intended for accurate medium-range shooting, outperforming the Assault Rifle and competing with the Battle Rifle. When you fire the Commando in short, controlled bursts like the Battle Rifle, you won’t be concerned by the Commando’s minimal aim aid and massive crosshair bloom, which makes it feel almost like a mini DMR.

Halo Infinite Hydra

Halo Infinite Hydra

The UNSC Hydra, which first appeared in Halo 5: Guardians, is a hybrid rocket launcher-grenade launcher that fires small micro-missiles that can latch onto enemy infantry and vehicles. It still retains the six-rocket drum that requires individual missile loading, but it now has two firing modes. In regular mode, missiles are fired at a breakneck speed with no locking. With this mode, an enemy Spartan can be taken out with just two direct hits.

You can then switch to tracking mode, which allows you to lock on to a target before firing, causing the missiles to seek it out. A Spartan may be defeated with four direct strikes from the seeking missiles, thus you trade damage for consistency.

Hola Infinite Weapons_Grenade Dynamo

The Spike Grenade is similar to the Halo Infinite Dynamo Grenade. This new grenade is designed to demolish automobiles, but it may also be used to kill people.

When used, the Dynamo Grenade releases lightning that arcs and bounces off combatants, vehicles, lost weapons, and other metallic gameplay elements. Any vehicle that comes into contact with the Dynamo Grenade’s electrical charge is disabled, and hostile players’ shields are removed.

Halo infinite weapons_Heatwave

Hola infinite weapons heatwave

The Scattershot from Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians has been reimagined as the Heatwave. Because the Heatwave’s pellets ricochet, it’s great for tight locations. There are two firing modes on the Heatwave: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal is ideal for general use and a few bank shots on a variety of targets. When following down single targets at close range, the vertical shooting mode comes in handy.

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